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Your Go-To Health Store for Nutrition and Weight Loss Products


At Whole Armour Nutrition, we do more than just sell the best weight loss and sports nutrition supplements. At our storefront INNOVATIVE NUTRITION — we offer expert advice about how to use them. With over 23 years of experience working with the products he carries, JJ Rinne has formulated products for companies located all over the globe and has written articles about using them for health benefits. So you can be confident that the sports nutrition supplement or weight loss product you choose is the right one for your particular health or nutrition needs.

For our more HARDCORE line of products, check out RHF Products designed for the Sport nutrition professionals.

Our exclusive product lines include Whole Armour Nutrition and RHF Products.

Celebrating 16 Years at our Current Location

It was back in 2006 when Innovative Nutrition opened their Amarillo health store and nutrition products store at 7401 SW 45th Ave., across from the Coulter Street Walmart. Since then, we’ve developed a loyal following thanks to our knowledgeable and friendly service, excellent product selection, and attractive pricing. The amount of referral business we get from our regular customers tells us we’re doing something right — and we pledge to continue offering the best sports nutrition supplements available to residents of Amarillo and surrounding areas. And now with our online market, we can make that same commitment to our customers across the USA.  

J.J. Rinne



I opened my first Innovative Nutrition store in 2005 as a place that would honor my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in all of my life and business practices.  I wanted a place in which we were free to help people and be completely honest with people.  Honesty is often a hard sale, especially when other stores, the internet, and advertisements promise products that will be the solution to meet your goals without discussion of what is really going on with your health, lifestyle, or diet.  The illusion can be more appealing than the reality.  However, many people want sustainable results and to know how to achieve those results and how to make adjustments.  I’ve enjoyed teaching people for the last 25 years and helping them in their journeys for health and fitness.


Professional Weight

Lifter and Fitness Model

If you’re really serious it takes healthy diet proper training and the best supplements!

I can wholeheartedly say if you really want the best supplements from someone very educated in health with degrees to back it up you really need to visit Innovative nutrition! Talk to JJ about ur goals and get it going! He has helped me tremendously! Results don’t lie!

This Vigor supplement here is the natural way to get lean and keep mass 100%natural and legal with no side effects! Exactly what I need!

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